I'm Corey Greeneltch

I’ve made a career out of building and leading design teams, through complicated enterprise challenges, in order to connect the dots to experiences customers love.

I’ve had over eighteen years of experience within agencies, consulting firms, and in-house organizations implementing enterprise-level system design and UX. And to build the best products, I believe you have to build the right teams. Collaboration and diverse skill-sets are imperative, but so is proper management in being able to bring out the best in every member. I do this by listening, discovering their passions, and being enthusiastic, strategic, and driven in helping them achieve those goals.

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My Work

As Director of the Product Design team at Gannett, I have been intimately involved in nearly every core product that we have created. That includes determining the types of projects we take on, the best team to assign to make sure the work is of the highest standard, coordinating with executives, legal teams, development, all the way to marketing to maintain the project from start to launch. Below are a few examples that I managed, directed, and executed.

USA TODAY & Network Web Products

My role has been to identify, coordinate and guide projects that enhance the user experience across the core Desktop & Mobile Web products. These enterprise systems are designed to work not only on USA TODAY, but also across the 100+ local Gannett properties as well. I take pride in the modular, unified experiences that are seen by more than 100MM people every month.

USA TODAY & Network Native Apps

Our latest native redesign was a success for the product design team. We were challenged with brand new stakeholders, a very tight deadline and the goals of aligning our brand across platforms and increasing our speed to market with universal apps for iOS and Android. Check, check, and check!

Design Thinking Sessions

A large part of my leadership involves conducting thought-provoking Design Thinking workshops and other collaborative group sessions. Bringing designers together with product managers, developers and stakeholders helps everyone to better understand our users and the problems we really need to solve. Combined with virtual and in-person user research, these small multidisciplinary teams simplify business problems into compelling solutions.

MOUSE - Local Music App

A startup project funded by Gannett's Innovation Lab, MOUSE is an app that not only lets you listen to the bands playing in your town tonight, but creates a hyper-targeted promotion strategy for promoters, labels and bands. I led the team to create a prototype, a business plan and did hours of user and industry interviews to shape the idea. Check out mouseapp.com

About Me

Hell on two wheels

I got my first moto at the age of four, raced downhill bicycles at a semi-pro level and still spend every free moment I get in the saddle.

Four (4) Children. All Boys.

Yes, I know it sounds insane. And sometimes it is. You know what? Parenting has made me an even better leader, and vice-versa.

Punk rock saved my life

I became a designer after realizing how much I loved making flyers, stickers and record sleeves for my bands. I still have a couple musical side projects going.


I get energized by working with others and do my best thinking out loud. While I'm a staunch advocate for process, my teams move fast and think on their feet.

I'm pretty active on Instagram, kinda quiet on Twitter, too humble on LinkedIn, basically invisible on Dribbble and always checking email at:


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