Hey, I'm Corey Greeneltch

I build efficient, process-oriented, intensely creative design teams. I've had over eighteen years experience in agencies, consulting firms and in-house. My specialty is enterprise-level system design and UX. I excel at team-building, managing designers and bringing out the best in every member of my team. I'm passionate about design, and often use my energy and camaraderie to break down barriers within organizations.

I’ve spent my career building and leading design teams through complicated enterprise challenges, connecting the dots to create experiences customers love.

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My Work

As Director of the Product Design team at Gannett, I've been intimately involved in nearly every product that we create. Here are some examples of flagship projects that I have managed, directed and executed. I determine what we work on, who works on it and how the work gets done, coordinating with executives, legal, development and marketing along the way.

About Me

Hell on two wheels

I got my first moto at the age of four, raced downhill bicycles at a semi-pro level and still spend every free moment I get in the saddle.

Punk rock saved my life

I became a designer after realizing how much I dug making flyers, stickers and record sleeves for my bands. I still have a couple musical side projects going. Check 'em out.

Four (4) Children. All Boys.

Yes, I know it sounds insane. And sometimes it is. You know what? Parenting has made me an even better leader, and vice-versa.


I get energized by working with others and do my best thinking out loud. While I'm a staunch advocate for process, my teams move fast and think on their feet.

I'm pretty active on Instagram, kinda quiet on Twitter, too humble on LinkedIn, basically invisible on Dribbble and always checking email at: