My name is Corey Greeneltch and I

  • eBenefits

    A military benefits portal designed for the VA and DoD. This is an ongoing project as we continue to grow the site into a more useful tool for veterans and service members. I'm responsible for visual design as well as maintaining a consistent identity across print, communication and social media channels.

  • Discovery

    Discovery’s National Body Challenge web app is an online partner to the popular reality show that encourages viewers to log in and start their own 12 week health challenge.

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  • Vertex

    My time at Vertex was spent creating a distinctive brand identity. Print collateral, websites, tradeshow booths, posters, animations & video were instrumental in standing out from peers in the eLearning industry. I helped to change the entire company's philosophy and way of thinking.

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  • USDA

    Marketing is a unique challenge in the government sector. These two awareness campaigns for the Department of Agriculture's AgLearn system were responsible for a 800% user increase. The campaign collateral was accented in both cases by online animations, ads, and commercials. (2007 American Design Awards)

  • DHS Responder

    A web application that allowed First Responders to skip the tedious paperwork and get on with their ACTUAL jobs of saving lives.

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  • PBS Teachers

    An interactive community on the PBS platform, PBS Teachers Connect allows educators to discuss, collaborate and share.

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About Me

Hey, thanks for being here. Take a look around the site to get a better idea of what I do. Art Direction, Web Design, Front End Development, Flash, Video, Flower Arrangement, you name it. Well, not flower arrangement... though I bet I could figure it out.

I’m currently an Art Director for USA TODAY in McClean, VA. I’m also the Publications Chair for the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington. On an average day, you'll find me designing interfaces, writing jQuery, designing marketing materials and talking social media strategy. I whole-heartedly subscribe to the 'Generalist' mentality and thrive with my hands full.

Nights and weekends, I play bass and sing in Spikes Out!, ride bikes and spend as much time as possible with my two boys. I try to pack as much into this life as I can, and am enjoying the hell out of the ride!